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Nestos Flemming Gold Rosé Pouch

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In its Flemming Gold Rose iteration, the NESTOS is a compact pouch fitted with a carry strap. Featuring a main compartment with zipper access, it offers ample storage for those on the go. Matte black hardware with côte&ciel engraving provides contrast against the soft rose fabric. It comes pre-equipped with a LET GO, a petite accessory that can be docked onto other côte&ciel systems to expand its quick-store capabilities. 


  • capacity: 2.4 L (2.54 qt)
  • color: Gold Rosé
  • loading weight: 2.65 Lb (1.2 kg)
  • Main Shell (Front) composition: 100% Recycled Polyester
  • material: Flemming Gold Rosé
  • sku: 29078
  • style: Pouch
  • depth: 1.57 " (4 cm)
  • height: 0.59 " (1.5 cm)
  • width: 10.24 " (26 cm)
  • weight: 0.68 Lb (0.31 kg)


  • Avoid contact with any type of chemical cleaning agents as those can result in fabric damage and discolouration.
  • Clean with a damp cloth to remove dust and other dirt.

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