Inside the Bag, Inside the Life with Andrea Maack

December / 09 / 2016

Icelandic artist and cult perfumer Andrea Maack is far more comfortable with sketchpad and charcoal than blotting strips and vials of chemical compounds. A graduate from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik, she fell into perfumery almost by accident, through creating ambient scents that complimented her complex illustrations and multimedia installations. Her first fragrance Smart (a play on Smell+Art) was initially designed to create an interface between the work and the audience – but proved so popular that it became the driving force behind the brand. Today, she presides over a growing stable of fragrances, each one created with the desire to make scent lovers think as well as smell.

Inside the Bag, Inside the Life with Daniel Brereton

November / 05 / 2016

Filmmaker, illustrator and all-round Renaissance man, London based Daniel Brereton is originally from Cumberland in northeast England. He studied Graphic Design at Camberwell Art College where a straight talking tutor encouraged him to focus on filmmaking rather than drawing, a skill which has subsequently seen him partner with some of the most exciting DJs and musicians in modern electronic music. In 2014 he was a nominee in the UK Music Video awards for Metronomy’s song, Reservoir - a felt tip pen extravaganza, that combines a childlike naiveté with nostalgia for pre digital technology. Very much a maker rather than programmer, Daniel is also an ardent comic enthusiast, whose own strips have been published in Rough Trade magazine.

Inside the Bag, Inside the Life with Laure Prouvost

October / 04 / 2016

Turner Prize winning artist Laure Prouvost is best known for her video installations that evoke transitory moments of sensuality. Originally from Croix in Northern France, she studied in London at Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths before working alongside the late British artist John Latham. She was the recipient of both the Max Mara Art Prize for Women in 2011 and the Turner in 2013. Currently based in Antwerp, Belgium, Laure splits her time between creating new work (hence the octopus in her fridge) and participating in a campaign for Latham’s old southeast London studio home, Flat Time House to become a museum.

Inside the Bag, Inside the Life with Alex Fowkes

July / 15 / 2015

Through a blend of typography and infographics, British designer Alex Fowkes creates work that’s a hybrid of Fifties Americana, Victorian theatre hoardings and political sloganeering. When not busy working for the likes of Urban Outfitters and Sony, you’ll find him exploring new cities on his skateboard or behind the wheel of his VW Transporter.

FAKEDCANDID inspired by côte&ciel

June / 25 / 2015

A predilection for pastel backdrops, surrealist imagery and a sly sense of humor are just three of the attributes that make Singapore based design duo FAKEDCANDID a favored creative partner for fashion brands wishing to raise their profile in this South Asian hub. Here we meet XL and Donson, the brains behind the business.

Inside the Bag, Inside the Life with Treasuretrev

June / 07 / 2015

With nearly 50K followers on instagram, Seattle-based photographer Trevor Olson (@treasuretrev) manages to capture a sense of wilderness that resonates with the smartphone generation. Here, he takes the Journal to some of his favorite locations to further help us escape our urban realities.

Inside the Bag, Inside the Life with Jack Hughes

May / 17 / 2015

The côte&ciel Q&A -series "Inside the Bag, Inside the Life" goes on with Jack Hughes who is a London born and bred illustrator. We went to Jack's home studio in Shoreditch and discussed about his work, artistic process and life in the city.

Inside the Bag, Inside the Life with Nas Abraham

April / 23 / 2015

For the new "Inside the Bag, Inside the Life" series we met the creative Nas Abraham and visited The National Gallery in London. We discussed with Nas about his creative career, his spots in London and inspirations.

Osma Harvilahti for côte&ciel

March / 31 / 2015

Japan has long been a source of inspiration for côte&ciel, whether that be the knotted form of the traditional Furoshiki parcel or the urban landscape of downtown Shibuya. To better document the diversity and dynamism of Asia’s largest city, we collaborated with Finnish photographer Osma Harvilahti to capture a sense of Tokyo through its inhabitants.

Inside the Bag, Inside the Life with Ta-ku

March / 25 / 2015

The "Inside the Bag, Inside the Life" series continues with Australian Ta-ku who is known for his fine work as musician and producer, creative photography and as well as running his own barbershop.