Our Vision

côte&ciel encapsulates ideas of freedom and movement between urban and non-urban environments, by combining creativity, practicality and the progressive use of space into a single object.


Every design begins outside the pre-existing rules of construction and purposefully unlocks a new aesthetic – the vision being to create a range of minimalist and intuitively easy-to-use accessories for a whole new generation of creative consumers, for whom work and travel are fluid and interchangeable concepts.

côte&ciel balances sophisticated fabrication, technical knowhow, ergonomic design and progressive style. Designs work in tandem with the human body, creating forms inspired by tradition, technology and the interplay between the natural and manmade worlds.

côte&ciel represents the bridge between a minimalistic and intuitive approach to design that is equally informed by the geometry of the natural world, as it is by engineering products that work in tandem with the human body, both practically and ergonomically.

Inspired by the complementary clash between coast and sky, côte&ciel explores the concept of elemental collision by experimenting with ideas around rigidity and malleability, movement and stasis, tradition and innovation. These contrasting elements shape a creative confluence intended to challenge and broaden the possibilities of bag design.

More about us

As its name suggests, côte&ciel is an homage to the productive collision of forces you’ll find at the meeting point between coast and sky. The elemental inspiration we find in the natural world is augmented at our home base in Paris. Our studio, in the Marais district, is ideally located within a city where the merging of art, spatial design, architecture and fashion is a long established tradition.

Our company is the culmination of a creative marriage that boasts significant expertise in the divergent worlds of fashion and industrial design. Started in 2008, côte&ciel’s founders also work closely with Apple on its accessories divisions and back the fashion designer Damir Doma.

Comfortably situated on this cusp between technology and fashion, the côte&ciel design team is international both in outlook and composition, boasting expertise in a number of complimentary creative fields. Our design approach is instinctual, focusing equally on traditional design techniques allied to an open-minded philosophy that is willing to embrace both the forms and functions of the natural and industrial worlds.

At côte&ciel we create goods designed to enable your journeys and exploration; bags and sleeves for men and women often with special protection for a range of media devices, each with an emphasis on fabric research focused on tactility and experimental design. Our output is architectural in the sense that it takes advantage of the collision of external forces and the tension between the wearer and the weight carried to realize its ultimate form. We are inspired by the study of the structure and function of biological systems, in order to better understand gravity and volume, in relationship to ourselves and our carrying needs.

Our team has grown and now includes entrepreneurs, fashion, industrial and graphic designers, and product engineers. Côte&Ciel has also undertaken successful collaborations with influential brands such as Comme des Garçons, Mykita, Beams, 10 Corso Como and Attachment.