cote&ciel Isarau
Memory Tech

Midnight blue
US$ 150
The côte&ciel Isarau Memory is a new style inspired by traditional Japanese armor, and is a bag that can be worn on the body in numerous different ways. The Isarau Memory is a versatile new shape that combines ancient design principles with a modern technical execution. It was designed, in part, as homage to the traditional muneate, a protective breastplate worn by Japanese archers in the ancient sport of kyudo. This messenger style bag is an ergonomically sophisticated piece that can be worn close to the torso either across the chest or back, or strapped around the waist. Created out of a lightweight, water repellent memory yarn that resembles indigo denim, the côte&ciel Isarau Memory boasts two internal and two external pockets, the largest of which can safely accommodate an iPad Air. Adjustable straps that allows the wearer to experiment in how to wear this modern take on the messenger.
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