Bringing together the worlds of fashion and industrial design.

Bringing together the worlds of fashion and industrial design côte&ciel started in 2008 in Paris. côte&ciel represents the bridge between a minimalistic and intuitive approach to design. It’s equally informed by the geometry of the natural world, as it is by engineering products.

expanding horizons.

We create goods designed to enable your journeys and exploration. The bags and accessories for men and women offer special protection for a range of media devices, each with an emphasis on fabric research focused on tactility and experimental design. Our designs work in tandem with the human body, both practically and ergonomically.

Our shapes work in tandem with the human body, both practically and ergonomically, each designed to provide premium protection and offer an architectural minimalist aesthetic.

Our bags are created to embrace the practical and poetic aspects of daily life: the familiar, the unexpected and the unexplored. Each piece is constructed to evolve with the wearer and the worlds they inhabit.

Photo by @sbri_bri

Inspirations and Aesthetic.

Our inspirations come from both the ateliers of Paris and the global stage – because good design knows no boundaries and has no limitations. We channel our technical heritage into high quality pieces that are resilient and built to last.

Our pieces are understated yet instantly distinctive. Our versatile silhouettes are shaped by the individual wearer’s journey – yet are engineered with a structured, architectural sensibility. As elements converge at the horizon, these complimentary clashes form the basis of our aesthetic.

Urban Life. Parisian Spirit.

We are the product of cities where ideas and people move freely. Our peers and idols are part of the fabric of global urban life. Each bag is built with this foremost in mind.

No city has a creative legacy as rich and dear to us as Paris. The free-thinking ideals shared by the philosophers, artists, musicians and creative minds that have called our home theirs, are part of our DNA.

Translated from the French to ‘coast and sky’, our name refers to the horizon. Here elements converge and original ideas take shape.









Design Process and Interiors.

Our shapes begin with a geometric. We fold, twist, stitch, fill, reflect and fold again. This unique process creates infinite possibilities. Our interiors are constructed with technology in mind. We tailor our intricate compartments and shapes to provide intelligent, protective solutions for contemporary creative tools and devices; larger items and small valuables.


We seek out collaborations with those who share our values and our vision. We cherish partnerships that are innovative, original and design-led. We embrace those that dare to challenge the conventions of their field.