We make design icons for urban adventurers. Our bags and accessories are structured to embrace the now, the new and the yet to be discovered. We make them for men and women and they are built to hold a range of media devices. Every côte&ciel piece is engineered to evolve with the wearer and the worlds they inhabit.

We believe in simplicity and purpose. We strive for the perfect balance between sophisticated construction and progressive experimentation. Each côte&ciel design starts with the need to push beyond convention and unlock a new aesthetic. The structures of our bags take advantage of the natural tension between the weight of the object and the shape of its wearer. They work in tandem with the body to create forms that toy with the relationship between the organic and the synthetic.

Pushing boundaries and expanding our horizons are important to us. We make our products for the progressive, the dynamic and the forward-thinking. We draw our inspiration from all of life’s great contrasts and the point at which they come together. It’s why we chose our name – coast and sky. For those who look to horizons and witness opposing forces come together. For those who see opportunities where others see borders. For those who build bridges instead of walls.


We are surrounded by the time-honoured techniques of our home in Paris, the birthplace of couture. Our studio is in the Marais district, where the marriage of art, spatial design, architecture and fashion is a long-established tradition. We started côte&ciel in 2008 when the company was born as the result of close partnerships with Apple and fashion designer Damir Doma – and we still love to be at the cusp of technology and fashion.

Our design team is international both in outlook and composition and we pool expertise from a range of creative fields. We have backgrounds ranging from industrial design to fashion. Our creative approach is instinctive, relying on both traditional techniques and an open-minded philosophy.

côte&ciel continues to grow and our team now includes entrepreneurs and product engineers fashion as well as industrial, fashion and graphic designers. We are also very proud of our successful collaborations with influential brands such as Comme des Garçons, Mykita, Beams, 10 Corso Como and Attachment.

Parisian at heart, global in mind. The makers of urban icons.