Inn M Sleek Black

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The INN M is the perfect travel companion; safely storing items such as passport, wallet, tablet and a book. The two separate zippered compartments are easily accessible to the wearer. The INN M can be worn horizontally or vertically, simply by adjusting the position of the strap. Using the round carabiner to join two corners, the bag becomes a volume, adjusting to your carrying needs. A device of up to 10.5” can be stored in the INN M.

The last pictures in the gallery show possibilities of combining the INN M with other côte&ciel products. 

SKU 28907
Height 23cm
Width 30cm
Depth 3cm
Color Black
Shape Crossbody / Shoulder Bag (4 Liter)
Composition Nylon
Device Up to 9.7" (28cm x 19cm)
Features Device Pocket, Water Resistant, Transformable

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