MRBAILEY® and côte&ciel Embark on an Evolving Design Dialogue for Fall/Winter ‘24

As a long-term appreciator of the design work of côte&ciel, MRBAILEY embarks on an evolving design dialogue and journey of creative expression with côte&ciel Creative Director Émilie Arnault. The result is a redefining of MRBAILEY’s iconic wardrobe staple, his omnipresent black beanie, and an innovative adaptation of côte&ciel’s iconic ORNE bag.

The ORNE PLUS Capsule consists of a bag and beanie that are pieces of architectural techwear, formed using côte&ciel’s signature practice of folding and twisting a single, flat piece of fabric to create volume and form.
With this project, the beanie concept was ingeniously turned on its head - literally - resulting in an expanding mid-sized crossbody bag that seamlessly melded purposeful detailing with a design aesthetic familiar to both MRBAILEY and côte&ciel.

As an adaptable bag that can be transformed according to the wearer’s needs or preferences, the ORNE PLUS boasts a wide range of sizes and shapes, ranging from large tote to small cross-body, all available to the wearer at a moment's notice.

The collaboration is inspired by mutual respect and admiration for Émilie Arnault’s contributions to redefining the luggage and accessories landscape over the past 15 years. It has been marked by a dynamic exchange of physical and digital ideas, allowing them to challenge each other with contemplative ideas around the design journey and innovate further.

The MRBAILEY x côte&ciel ORNE PLUS Capsule will be available globally online on 08.07.24 at,, and selected retailers.