côte&ciel I Tokyo Tale in Daikanyama for FW23

For the latest editorial in its Fall Winter ‘23 series, côte&ciel takes to the streets of Tokyo, Japan to explore its home away-from-home and connect with the country that is a boundless source of inspiration for the Parisian label. With Tokyo being the place that côte&ciel opened its first physical store, the two connect on a deeper level once again.

Daikanyama, Tokyo, was chosen as the primary location for this editorial, nestled among its intimate streets that offer respite from the bustling energy of Tokyo. Featuring a harmonious blend of natural and manmade elements, from brushed concrete to moulded stone pillars, it brought a sense of equilibrium and clarity to a city renowned for its dynamism.
To further enhance its interconnectedness with the city, côte&ciel worked with Kosuke, an upcoming and highly respected designer based out of Tokyo, as their sole model. Despite operating in separate fields, côte&ciel & Kosuke’s own brand, Jian Ye, share a mutual desire to push the limits of design innovation by operating in newfound ways: visually and creatively.

Featuring a myriad of Fall Winter ‘23 styles, the editorial focuses on the relationship that different côte&ciel systems have with one another. The petite accessories, for example, are designed to heighten the wearer’s experience with the environment around them by interlinking members from other product categories.

While the Lanyard can be used to store items that need to be accessed at a moment’s notice, the RingO or LetGo keychains can be attached to a backpack to increase their storage capacity. Such smaller attachments can be fixed to larger backpacks like the AVON and NILE. In addition, the Robin and Raven fabrications are included whose textures and surfaces seamlessly reflect their surroundings, either by basking in the abundance of natural light or morphing into the darkness.