"Folding Stitching Pulling”,
A live installation curated by Luca Notarfrancesco & Gabriele Rosati for côte&ciel.

On May 30th, côte&ciel hosted "Folding Stitching Pulling,” a performance and reception with Luca and Gabriele in the heart of East London to celebrate their exploration of unity and movement.

After the response to côte&ciel’s Spring/Summer ‘24 campaign, “A Celebration of Movement and Unity,” created with the creative duo Luca Notarfranseco and Gabriele Rosati, côte&ciel looks to champion this relationship through its first-ever UK event and allow people to witness a contemporary movement performance that explored the campaign’s theme of togetherness and separation in physical form.
The resulting ensemble was a 45-minute contemporary piece choreographed by Luca and Gabriele, executed by performers Francesco Ayrton Lacatena and Sem Osian in which the two started together and would slowly part in their own solo performances. In addition, a live print installation, which would slowly deteriorate and fall down throughout the night, would reveal more visuals behind it.

Jacopo Beolchi produced an hour-long custom soundscape specially for the event, creating a rhythmic and atmospheric moment for both the performers and watchers.


Art Direction & Curation by A-Practice Studio by Luca Notarfrancesco and Gabriele Rosati / @_not.luca_ @gabrielerosati_ @a___practice
Exhibition Design & Production by aspro / @albertosimoni @andrea_prso
Executive Producer / Joe Goodwin @joey.g123
Local Production / @kitudesign
Production Assistant / @molly.edge
Performance by Francesco Ayrton Lacatena and Sem Osian / @francescoayrton @semosian
Styling by Graeme Gaughan / @graemegaughan
Documentary Photography by Francesco Saverio Costanzo and Marianna Rosati / @milano_sfigati_ovunque @mariannarosati
Documentary Videography by Lavinia Feliziani / @laviniafeliziani
Sound Design by Jacopo Beolchi / @brillante_it