côte&ciel | SS21 Tokyo Story

In the Spring/Summer 2021 season, we invited a selected group of creatives to reflect on the collection’s ‘electric’ color palette.

We encouraged them to scan their surroundings with fresh eyes and focus on the colors that may have been on the peripheries of their radars before: red, yellow and blue.

Tokyo-based photographer and art-director Ben Richards has been looking for those pops of colour in the urban environment of his adopted city

The buildings he captured have a ‘metabolist’ structure

The buildings he captured have a ‘metabolist’ structure – a Japanese style of architecture that came about post-World War II. These constructions were meant to take on a life of their own and be able to grow and adapt to the environment over time. Customisable and interchangeable – true to côte&ciel’s design principles.

lines that inspire

A singular colour pallet of deep nocturnal blue washes across the entire range, enveloping flagship styles such as the ISAR, ISARAU, TYCHO and MOSELLE like the dusk tide enshrouds the shoreline. The brands petit accessories have also been caught in this undercurrent, with styles such as ADDA, ORNE and ORBA being draped in this continued expanse of azure.